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NOTE: Please email me in advance if you want to meet, as stated underneath.


Hi and welcome to my pages. I am very exclusive and available only with proper notice, adventurous and highly energetic, with many years of education at the highest level; I speak a great number of languages, dead or alive, have travelled extensively thoughout the world and lived in several locations. I can have a decent conversation covering anything from Politics to Psychology, History to the cultures and habits of different nations between bouts of naughtiness..............

I do not want to talk about the 'special' people I was fortunate to meet until now. The very few I chose to meet, count on my reliability to never reveal our little saucy secrets enjoyed in the most interesting surroundings. But I will always treasure the special moments that led us to some fascinating locations around the world and repeat meetings.

I have got the best in lingerie, corsets, hold ups, stockings and suspenders, suits or dresses for any occasions, you will have to simply tell me your choice of colour/fabric/texture before we will meet. Alternatively I can meet you in casual jeans or expensive dresses. I always dress very elegant, from girly dresses to more demure knee length black suits that seem to emphasise my big breasts, small waist and round hips with very toned inner thighs that a well cut skirt discreetly reveals. I seem to be addicted to high heels, from kittenish to the very fashionable platforms, all very feminine and expensive. They all give me a different look and have been called anything from 'very posh' to 'rock star'!!!!

If you decide to get in touch, I would prefer if you were to EMAIL ME IN ADVANCE; only then we can then have a telephone conversation to discuss those little but very important details and keep in touch via mobile until we meet. If you are scared that I will keep calling you upon disclosing your telephone number, you must be kidding yourself: I really respect everyone' s privacy. I am a very private person as I am involved in lots of projects, hence rarely available for escorting.......... which is more like a hobby. Also I travel often all over the world to satisfy my curiosity for learning new things: new languages or visiting museums/galleries etc. I welcome offers from people interested in a travel companion (I always apply a good discount) so check my page that refers to this. I have been told I have a wicked sense of humour and I surely like a laugh...... after all I am a very positive person and I still wake up in the morning with a smile on my face - with a man near me would be even better!

I keep taking pictures using the timer on my camera (you should try it for yourself if you want to lose some further weight....... yes, involves lots of sweating, but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl has got to do), so come back and check my pages and my expensive outfits. No need here for heavily photoshopped 'professional' pictures (everyone seems to be addicted to these days instead of trusting their own hand) that portray an un-realistic image of a person to the point you are wondering 'where is the perfect sister I saw in the pictures of this person that came to MY meeting? - as many of my clients told me about other girls they met in the past!'

Unfortunately my cheap camera does not seem to emphasise small details I seem to keep receiving compliments all the time: my very small wrists and ankles, very long fingers (maybe because of typing too much or playing the piano), baby skin all over size 10 body, strong muscles underneath from years spent doing sports/kick boxing/boxing etc, uber tonned legs, a 'meaty' behind, small waist, strong shoulders, natural 32F-G cup breasts, big eyes and lips, upturn nose, long hair that everyone seems to like pulling covering more than half of my 5'7 height and lots of other things. I guess it is all down to genes, clean lifestyle, diet and all kind of sports..........

So let's meet and have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!